My name is Sondra and I am a 48 year old wearer of many hats, the biggest being wife and Mom of two. I am a seamstress, photographer, writer, story-teller, eternal optimist and dreamer of big dreams. I am also a woman in recovery. For me, that means I woke up on July 13, 2014 and decided to try something different because everything else I had tried previously had not made me any less miserable. My relationships, my kids, all of my creative pursuits still left me joyless until I was willing to try the one thing I had been unwilling to try: sobriety. Now, I am writing a NEW story. And this space is the next chapter.

So...with that intro, what if there was one obstacle in your life that if removed, could free you to work towards meeting your potential? Give your life purpose? Would you feel like you were given a second chance? For 25 years, I had felt like I lived in a well. I was alive but my view and space were so narrowly limited, so very small. As I have climbed out of that well, I now see the world as so big. I can see so many opportunities and it's amazing. It was my #midlifesolution. Maybe your obstacle is another dish on the buffet of addictions: prescription drugs, co-dependency, love, workaholism, food. When these obstacles are addressed, worked on and even removed, there is a void to fill. Let's fill it up! I hope you'll join me as we celebrate those creative pursuits that are filling the void.  Please join my tribe, The Unruffled. For project ideas and inspiration, please check out the Blog.

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Tammi Salas and I have a podcast! It was in the Name It Book for some time and now it exists. It's called The Unruffled Podcast and it's all about creativity in recovery. Give it a listen, and if it rings your bell, why don't you subscribe in Itunes? Give it a rating while you are there. We wouldn't hate ya!

I use Instagram as a mini-portfolio. One of the greatest lessons I learned in photography school was that the piece of equipment did not make the photographer. Follow me over there to see what I'm currently working on and what is lighting me up!

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