Do you have something you want to accomplish creatively but you need your own personal cheerleader, accountability buddy and solution sensei?

Do you have something you want, or even need to bring forth but old fear-based stories are holding you back?

Are you self-editing for no other reason than because it’s what you’ve always done?

Have you answered HELL YES to any of the above questions?

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

To be ALL IN, you need to go ALL IN. (And no, this doesn’t mean Quit Your Job or Quit Playing Chauffeur To Your Kids. It just means placing ALL of your TRUST in yourself.)

What this offer is:

  • A mentoring experience.

  • A mid-life solution.

  • A chance to work with me one-on-one for four weeks.

What this offer involves:

  • An exploration of your deepest desires, expressed as an I Want statement.

  • Two hour-long Zoom calls, twice a week (times to be determined through a Welcome email and intake form.) One is an Assignment Call. One is a Progress Call.

  • Weekly Lifeline Emails as needed.

  • A Wrap-Up solidified by a Solid Plan to bring your creation forth.

  • Check-in and Guidance Sessions via email for six months post sign-up date.

What this offer is not:

  • A sobriety program (although the language of recovery does weave in and out of this experience.)

  • An offer exclusive to women age 40+ (although I will be drawing from my personal experience as a woman who transformed her life in her forties.)

  • A guarantee that you will have a finished product at the end of four weeks (although that would be nice.)

  • Another program to make you feel bad about yourself for not doing enough (this is about expansion, not contraction so if this experience makes you feel contracted in any way, this offer may not be for you right now.)

Examples of potential creative pursuits wherein you feel stuck at the starting position:

  • Starting a blog

  • Starting a podcast

  • Writing memoir

  • Writing the truth

  • Using a camera

  • Using your creative eye

  • Launching a creative business

  • Launching a dream

  • Calling yourself an artist

  • Calling yourself a writer

  • Calling yourself creative

Your long-held stories create your own personal narrative that you use as proof: I am ______ (fill in the blank), and I never will be______ (fill in the blank). The evidence is right there in your past.

Yes, those things happened but you have the power to change the narrative, starting today. Right now.

You are the one you’ve been waiting for and while that is truer than true, sometimes you need someone to remind you.

Change begets more change.

What this offer will cost you:

  • Time. Four weeks. The next offering starts June 3rd.

  • Commitment. We will work together a minimum of three hours a week, so show up ready for ACTION.

  • Money. This offering is $299. You are worth it. Your creative voice is ready to be heard.

If this sounds like something you would like to experience and you want to work with me, click that big pink button above. Feel free to use the contact form for any questions.

Come on in. This will be fun!.png