Welcome. Grab a cup of tea. Bring your sketchbook, your knitting, your favorite record. Come tell us your story. There's always an open chair.

The Unruffled

We want to meet YOU. Do you find that your creative pursuits are vital to your growth in recovery? Please contact me via the contact form or email to be featured as an Unruffled. Help me inspire others to find ways to fill the void and find purpose in hopelessness. Let's write a new story. Let's begin again. Let's be Unruffled.




About Sondra

Hi. My name is Sondra and I'm in recovery. Being in recovery is what makes all of the other things I am possible. It allows me to be multi-passionate. I'm passionate about making and creating, I'm passionate about stories and songs, I'm passionate about cozy spaces and warm invitations. I'm so happy you are here.