Meet Nicole

Meet Nicole

Nicole's playfulness and curiosity comes through in her voice, her presence exudes calm assuredness. This really shows up in her creative endeavors, from her whimsical but intricate sewn pieces to her temperate and plodded knit work.

It wasn't always this intentional. Before recovery, Nicole would start projects but alcohol always invited other distractions. Combine that with perfectionism and there was a lot of wistful thinking but not many accomplishments.

Now, not only does she see projects to the end, but she has the clarity to take on more challenging endeavors. She's changed her whole perspective on living and has given more weight to experiencing new things. This has really taken her perfectionism to task, which has given her this new freedom. Flower arranging? Cooking? Hula-hooping? It's happening.

The only way she looks outside of herself for validation now is for the contentment she feels when she looks at something she has made, and the sense of accomplishment she feels as a maker.

Because alcohol is no longer stomping her baseline for happiness in the dirt, she just feels lighter. There are way more doors of possibility to fun, to happiness, to exploration and she's not afraid to open them.

If you want to see more of Nicole's work, go say 'hi' to her on her blog. Or for a glimpse into Nicole's sober, creative life, follow her on Insta.