Embrace your creativity.

See your beauty. Own it.


Show the world ALL of your gorgeous colors.

Be intentional. Do it on purpose.

She's Like A Rainbow: is a photographic offering to help you embrace your creative life or help you define you growing purpose-driven business through images.

Purpose: to empower women in recovery who are in or approaching mid-life to embrace their creative life by helping them see their beauty, own their creativity, validate their next step.

Thank you so much, Sondra. I’ve never had such beautiful photos taken of me, ever! I actually feel good about looking at myself in them, which never happens! Thank you for working your magic. You make me feel extra special.
— Jenn

When I look at everything I give my love and attention to, when I step back and connect the dots, there is one underlying theme throughout: I love making women feel beautiful. And I don’t just mean beauty that is defined by societal standards, but the other kind, the kind that radiates from the inside out. Every woman has this internal beauty and my talent lies as witness: hear it, see it, validate it. We all need a little validation. We all need to know that when we’re doing the thing that brings us true joy, fills us up to evolve to our highest selves, we ARE that thing. If you paint on the weekends, you are an artist. If you love to make artistic, nourishing culinary creations and share that on Instagram to help nourish your followers, you are a health coach. If you make, you are a maker. If you create, you are a creator.

Let me help you. Let me empower you. Let me make you feel beautiful.

Wow! Is that me? You are so talented, my friend. Cooking and creating meals that nourishes not only my body, but my soul as well brings me so much joy. I love this image.
— Diana

You’ve been waiting your whole life for this moment. It’s your time to show the world ALL of your beautiful colors.


What is offered?

  • Vision and Prop Consultation (Pre-session meeting over coffee or Skype)
  • Hair and Make-up
  • Wardrobe and Styling
  • I bring the entire set to you.

How will I receive my photos?

All photos selected are carefully edited, enhanced and shared in a private online space. The images will also be loaded onto a flashdrive and mailed to you for your unlimited use in you marketing, social media or however you want to share your beautiful self. Edited photos take one week to ten days to turn around for presentation. I love to travel, and hope to put together events in your area soon!

What are your qualifications?

I've been a photographer for over twenty years. You can see my extensive portfolio here. I've also designed and made clothing and have collected vintage for just as long. If we can't find something in your wardrobe for the shoot, I can provide a rack of clothing and accessory options. My goal is for you to feel beautiful in your skin.

Who will do hair and make-up?

I will bring a qualified hair and make-up stylist. I want you to feel relaxed and pampered.

Who is Sondra?

I woke up one morning shortly after my 45th birthday and noticed a window was slightly open that had once been shut tight. That window invited some relief from my misery, my stuck-ness, my very small world, a world I'd experienced for a good decade, so I jumped through. I started to put my well-being and my creativity first. I've always been a sort of Renaissance girl (or multi-passionate, as it's typically called today), but getting sober gave me the energy and clarity to start making things happen. I am a photographer, fashion designer, writer, podcaster and maker in recovery. I see the beauty and validity in other women who are ready to change their lives, embrace their recovery and creativity, ready for a mid-life solution.

What is the commitment?

The total cost of a She's Like A Rainbow session is $1000, with a $150 non-refundable deposit required when booking (that will be deducted from the balance). The balance should be paid in full one week before the session date. If something comes up in the week before the session date, let's work to reschedule, however if rescheduling is not possible, you will be granted a full refund (minus the non-refundable deposit). When you book your session, you will receive a general information form to fill out along with information on setting up our pre-session vision and prop consultation coffee or Skype date. I cannot WAIT to work with you! Let's make your dreams a reality.