I'm Sondra. Welcome to The Unruffled. This is my spot, my space and portfolio. A place to tell you all about me and show you what I create.

Here are a few of my titles:

  • Mom

  • Wife

  • Photographer

  • Holder of Court

  • Seamstress

  • Artist

  • Writer

  • Podcaster

  • Lady of Mid-Life

  • Human Among Humans

  • Person in Recovery

Here are a few of my previous titles:

  • Waitress

  • Bartender

  • Single Mom

  • Saxophonist

  • Shopgirl

  • Production Assistant in the Soft Porn Industry

  • Darkroom Printer

  • Transcriber

  • Drunk

If all of my titles were removed, I'd still be optimistic, eager, enthusiastic, unruffled, dreaming, seeking and listening. This I know. I can honestly attribute everything I know, without a doubt, to my sobriety. Glad you're here. If you'd like to contact me, you can do that here or email me at sondra@theunruffled.com.


The search for story has always driven my curiosity. Observing, questioning, seeking novelty, simply spurred on by sheer fascination has always been the driver of everything I have done. What do I do with all of those bits and scraps, soft details? My inclination is to patch them together, to weave the stories and discarded moments until something new exists. Whether it is a garment spun together with finely-sourced elements, connected words through a hand-stitch or essay, a photographic interpretation styled or organic, something never seen before but yet comprised of elements so humanly familiar, that is my work.

To see more of my photography, please visit my photo site.