Seasons Change, And So Do We

With the passing of the Spring Equinox, all things blooming and bright, I've been ruminating on seasons. It's a word that isn't just delegated to weather conditions, school semesters and television series. There are seasons for work, activities and pursuits. I would like to credit who of my social tribe first introduced this concept, but I've decided I've heard it from a few so it must be in the collective conscious. And I love it. The idea is that all of our activities, ideas, work and creative pursuits can and should be tackled in seasons. How that shakes out for me is sometimes I'm in the season of sewing. Other times I'm in the season of photography, especially if I've shot a wedding or had another big session. Sometimes I'm in the season of writing and most of my energy goes there. And lately, as to explain my blog neglect, I've been in the season of exploration and learning. This idea of seasons is a somewhat more evolved continuation of my last blog post. If JUST DO ONE THING TODAY grew up, it would be a season.

I think this idea is especially helpful for us special snowflakes. I know that from the very beginning of my sobriety, as soon as I got some energy back, I felt like I was making up for lost time. And there was so much time lost, there was so much to do and I needed to hurry up and do all of the things I had neglected for 20 years. No wonder we get overwhelmed. The idea of seasons is so useful since we can pick one thing to pour our energy into while we tell all the other things vying for our attention, "I'm sorry sewing/photography/writing, I love you but you're going to have to wait while I give this other thing some love for a minute. You'll be okay and I promise, I'll be back." This is been a sanity saver for me. It keeps me from knocking myself in the head for neglecting other things and shoos away the cloud of guilt. 

Can I tell you about the learning and exploration season for a second? This season involves books, lots and lots of books. I'm a nightly reader but sometimes it's only a page or two until the lids close. But in this season, a book is the first thing cracked open in the magic of 5am and and for the next few delicious hours, it's just me and the book. I've taken a few different yoga classes and finally found one I like (we'll save the yoga story for another post). I purchased a tarot card set that I'm absolutely in love with and I've been taking time to learn and play with my new thing (again, there will be a tarot post). I've  taken some time to explore some new friendships, museums, my city and all of this to say, if I were trying to do it all, I would be miserable because it's just not attainable. And on that one day that maybe it is, nothing is done well and it is certainly not enjoyed. A big part of striving every day to stay in the moment is a desire to enjoy the moment and if I'm trying to cram a little of every thing in, I'm not enjoying it. So much in my life and world view was negative when I was drinking, I really strive to live in the positive.

The view is so nice...and pink...from here.